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Dionna Milem


Dionna received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UNC-Charlotte and a Masters Certificate in Project Management through George Washington University. The majority of her career was spent working developing software to test products in the electronics industry for companies such as IBM, Solectron Corp, and Flextronics.



In 2009, I wrote a stand-alone program for my daughter's elementary Battle of the Books team to use to practice quizzing. Her coach was excited about the ability for her students to practice at home and at school.



In 2010, I worked on a team to launch mybobcoach.com providing questions for elementary schools across the state.



In 2011, we expanded to include middle school resources.                                    



In 2012, My BOB Team, LLC was launched providing questions, quizzes, and activities for elementary and middle school teams.



In 2017, we added resource for primary grades and high school.                                    



In 2018, we launched our mobile app!                                                                       



In 2021, added monthly competitions and first annual Elimination Tournament .                                    

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